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 The day to day happenings in the World of KaylaJuku!!!


Exciting Collaboration!!

May 24,2017

KaylaJuku has teamed up with another local business-Mountain Goddess Concoctions!!!! MGC has created an entire line of bath products completely inspired by the KaylaJuku brand! How exciting! They allowed me to be 100% involved in their creative process-creating my very own heavenly scent and giving input on the style of the line which includes mermaid hearts,skulls and all things blue!  In the end the products are so amazing and it ended up being sooooo fun. Thanks Misti & Karri for sharing a little magic with me! ~Kayla 💙

***Be sure to look up ~Mountain Goddess Concoctions~ on facebook and tell the girls I sent ya! 

Arts & Crafts Fair 2017 

August 28,2017

The 2017 A&C fair has come to an end! Me & the Goddesses want to thank everyone who came out to support  local-small businesses this weekend! We couldn't do it without your continued support. Much Love. 


Just Breathe!!!

October 7,2017

Been a busy few weeks. Chili night is always a busy night and on top of that-I had friends set up with some pieces at Oktoberfest. At the end of the day-both events ended up being very successful for us all. Shew. I can breathe-for a minute!  We appreciate everyone who keeps coming to show after show. Y’all keep us going.  Onto the next......

-Kayla 💙

Another show down! 

October 16,2017

Another show in the books for KaylaJuku! 3 full days of show time and 3 hours of driving a day just about killed me. I was sooooo exhausted by the end of the weekend.  I vowed I was gonna take a full week off BUT after only 1 day I’m feeling anxious to get back in the studio. It’s my addiction. Thankfully after almost 8 years-I still LOVE it. KaylaJuku is my heart. Now-I’m back to work. No rest for the wicked! 

-Kayla 💙

Good Bye 2017!!! 

December 23,2017 

That’s a wrap on 2017 for KaylaJuku!!!!! Thank you all so much who comment,share,like,visit the shops & come out to my shows. It’s a blessing to meet you all and see your beautiful faces. I truly appreciate the Love & Support you show my lil’ jewelry business year after year. May you all be blessed with lots of Love,Faith,Family & Friends this holiday season! From my family to yours....Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! See you in 2018! 

~Kayla 💙


January 29,2018

I got asked back in October to be the “artist on display” for January’s #hashtagwv paper. I was reluctant to do it-these things always make me feel so uncomfortable!!! Thankfully my hubs encouraged me and I’m so glad I did. The article turned out great & I’m  so pleased with the photos she chose to use. Even more Thankful that she used my favorite selfie (swiped off my Facebook page) &&&&& I didn’t have to be photographed!!!  I had on No makeup,Dirty Hair, & was sitting by the pond watching my kiddos fish in an oversized sweater and leggings...That’s who I am! I think the article was a clear representation of me & my jewelry. I really loved it! 

Thank you for the opportunity #hashtagwv. It turned out perfect and a great way to start out the new year! 

~Kayla 💙

Jewelry for a Cause 🐾

March 12,2018

Being the owner of my very own Mutt puppy-I have a very special place in my heart for the shelter pets. I decided to make some fur baby themed pieces and donate the proceeds to my local shelter. Thanks to everyone who’s purchased and shared the fundraiser thus far. It’s appreciated more than you’ll ever know. 

 We don’t deserve dogs but they love us anyway. #adoptdontahop 

~Kayla 💙

Happy Easter 🐰

April 1,2018 

Happy Easter from my Family to Yours. I hope everyone had a Blessed day! 

#mygreatestcreations #imadethese #mybabies #kaylajukuboys #myreason 

~Kayla 💙

Family First 🐬

June 5,2018

Jewelry making is slow going at the moment & Summer fun is in full swing. As you can see the KaylaJuku boys have me pretty busy with all kinds of fun activities & adding more daily! Hope everyone has a blessed summer vacation with their families & Friends! I’ll be back to making jewelry soon enough-these moments with the boys can’t be replaced. #livefortoday #bebacksoon 

~Kayla 💙

Warrior Mama 🏹

June 14,2018

“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” (Psalm 127:4)

Children are from the Lord.

They’re arrows. And we’re the warriors.  I am raising arrows. They are the arrows that we carve, shape & then send them out into the world. Raise them strong,Raise them kind and then set them free. 

#warriormama #raisingarrows

~Kayla 💙

365 New Beginnings! 

January 1,2019

With a New Year comes 365 new possibilities to Create!

Create Memories

Create Dreams

Create Artistically


Happy New Year!!!!! 🎉

~Kayla 💙

New Collaboration!!!! 

February  1,2019

KaylaJuku has teamed up with a new business. Mandy’s Market is a handmade soy candle & melts company started in Charleston,WV! We’ve put our heads (and creations) together to give you something fun &&&& BRAND NEW!!!!! Each candle (all of which smell amazing btw) will contain a pair of KaylaJuku earrings! So excited to share at upcoming events! 

~Kayla 💙

***Be sure to look up @MandysMarketWV on Facebook and IG &&& Tell her I sent ya! 😘

1st show of 2019!!!

March 9,2019

2019 Women’s Expo is a Wrap!!!!! Y’all overwhelm me! I’m so Thankful to see so many returning faces show after show and meet so many new ones!!!! Thank you all! You’re appreciated more than you’ll ever know! 

~Kayla 💙

Where in the World is KaylaJuku????

March 19,2019

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to see my beloved Gwen Stefani in Viva Las Vegas. If you know me in the real world or have been following me for a while you know she is my biggest muse!!! I even swiped the “Juku” for KaylaJuku from her circa 2004ish girl gang called the HaraJuku Girls! I’ve seen her in concert (and met her) numerous times over the years BUT this trip came at a time where I’ve been feeling a little lack luster with myself. I really struggled to get back into the swing of things after the holidays this year. This trip/concert/adventure really was a huge boost I needed to get motivated and inspired with myself and my craft again! Until next time......

~Kayla 💙

Taking a Break

January 3,2020

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about custom orders and the re-opening of the Etsy shop. I’m not trying to ignore anyone. Sadly,my sister n law passed away on Christmas Eve. Not only was she my sister but She was one of my biggest fans & supporters. Today I got to give her a final piece of KaylaJuku. I’m gonna be taking a short break from the jewelry. My heart just isn’t in it at the moment. Please keep my family in your prayers. Our hearts are broken. 💔

~Kayla 💙

Boss Babe 

April 2,2020

I was finally finding my groove. All of February I made earrings. I literally have earrings coming out of my ears! (No pun intended) I always hated making them before but during my grief I found it therapeutic. I was so excited about the 2020 Women’s Expo THEN Covid-19 happened. Just as I was finding my wings again. All shows are cancelled or reseceduled until further notice. I have re-opened the website with newly implemented Covid-19 precautions for my safely as well as my customers. You can find them on the KaylaJuku Facebook page. If there’s one thing I’ve learned (especially over the last few months) it’s to turn negative energy into positive and it creates productivity. Sometimes easier said than done but I’m working on it. 

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Hope to see you all soon! 

~Kayla 💙